Director and Team

Chris-Ann M.

Director of Research and Program Development


“Chris-Ann is very detailed oriented and specific… I’ve gotten a job with the resume she guided me with, I won scholarships for college and I’m currently learning how to write a business plan, something I never thought I would ever write.”

Trevaun D., Fitness and Community Development

How this started…

Chris-Ann has been developing/collaborating on education and career projects/programs for well over 7 years. She started in high school and received both the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers and the Lincoln M. Alexander award for her contributions locally and internationally.

In fact, it was after becoming a part of the Lincoln M. Alexander award selection committee in 2013, she had the idea to start what is now REDU Method. She wanted to help students and professionals present themselves more effectively through their written content in order to help them access the career and funding opportunities they wanted.

Everyone wants to feel heard, and she enjoys listening and helping people tell their stories. Starting 2019, she started sharing a variety of perspectives and stories from different professionals, creatives and business owners on their work and careers through Career Conversations.

In her spare time…

Chris-Ann dabbles in the property management industry and is a minimalist design enthusiast. She enjoys finding, reading about and creating functional spaces where others can relax, work and do what is important to them.

At the end of the day, she’s just a woman who loves deep conversations and a strong cup of coffee. She writes, reads business books, biographies and chops it up with friends on topics across the board (think politics, money, faith/spirituality, relationships, just to name a few). 

The REDU Method Team

Sometimes, the value of a great team is understated.


At REDU Method, we know the value of a talented, knowledgeable and committed team. Our team is a network of professionals, creatives and business owners of varying experience across multiple industries and businesses (think research, editing, design, project managers, government relations, community development, healthcare, financial services and much more).

We collaborate to ensure our clients receive the best advice, quality resources and the best personalized care we can offer. We’re all committed to our growth and yours. This means we give the best of ourselves to you, so you can be your best.

What do you want to do?

Write and self-publish influential how-to and inspirational books for your audience and client-base.

Create beautiful attention-grabbing lead magnets for your website and social media.

Effectively strategize and successfully execute on your career plans, transitions and projects.

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